CatalogM:Online course catalog management system focused on both the print-minded and the web-savvy - so you don't have to choose one or the other.

With everything going online these days, it is hard to find a good reason for why course catalogs shouldn't either. Online catalogs offer accessibility, flexibility and cost-savings.

CatalogM is a user-friendly online catalog management system that appeals to both the print-minded and web-savvy. It is a flexible system that can meet each university's unique needs.

CatalogM is the perfect balance between print and web. It empowers both forward thinkers and traditional believers. Maintain your current processes but focus on content instead of delivery. Easily integrate your existing content and course formats into CatalogM. Manage your content in one central location, maintain your university's brand, and save money and resources.


What Makes CatalogM Different?



Does not force you to re-write your content or structure. It works around your current catalog structure, so you don't have to change your processes.

2. Does not force universities to choose between their print catalog and their online catalog.
3. Helps you make your catalog more systematic providing a more user-friendly structure, while still being able to keep the flow of the print version.
4. Leverages our extensive experience in curriculum management systems and content management systems to develop a system that is scalable, customizable, and intuitive

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